Gambia: Police deny negligence in detainee’s death

Gambia: Police deny negligence in detainee’s death

Gambia’s police are denying that it has neglected a detainee that was injured and thrown into a cell at a station outside Yundum, in West Coast Region.

Lamin Krubally died in a Nema Kunku police cell after a fight with a man named Lamarana Jallow, who had reported him to the police.

The police are now saying that Krubally was seen by some other detainees inflicting injuries on himself by hitting his head on the wall.

“In fact, the deceased did not die at the police station; he was pronounced dead at the hospital,” said police spokesperson, Foday Conta.

Krubally’s wife, Rohey Krubally said the police was not aware that her husband died because he was lying on his stomach in the cell and she was repeatedly calling out Krubally’s name, who was unresponsive.

Krubally had reportedly used a wooden pestle to hit Jallow on the head, according to a police report.

“In fact before detaining them, the police officers escorted them to the hospital for them to be treated, because all of them were wounded,” said Conta.

“But the medical report stated that Lamarana sustained serious injuries on his head, while Lamin Krubally sustained minor injuries.”

It is the third reported death in police custody this year raising concerns that the police continue to violate civil and human rights of detainees.

A human rights unit at the country’s Ministry of Interior has been created to watch and probe reports of misconduct and human rights violation by law enforcement officials.

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