Gambian ministers may not declare assets any time soon

Gambian ministers may not declare assets any time soon

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has extended the deadline for his ministers to declare their assets, Minister of Information Demba Jawo said.

Gambian ministers had until July 15 to declare their assets but many failed to meet the deadline.

Jawo did not give the reason for the extension, or a new deadline but said declaring the assets may take some time to establish the value of the assets.

“As you know these things involve getting a surveyor to start the process of determining the true value of properties for example and other assets and this could take time,” said Jawo.

“That is why some have asked for some time so as to establish the exact nature and value of their assets.”

One of President Barrow’s major campaign promises is to rid the country of corruption and run a transparent government.

Six months into his presidency, it is Barrow’s first show of transparency and accountability in one of Africa’s youngest governments.

The country’s former president, Yahya Jammeh and his close associates and aides are accused of corruption and diverting millions from the state.

Gambian authorities have opened a probe into his assets and seized at least 131 landed properties, 14 companies and 88 bank accounts.

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