Attorney General Ba Tambadou should not resign

Attorney General Ba Tambadou should not resign

Activists and even supporters of President Adama Barrow are split over calls for Attorney General Aboubacarr Ba Tambadou to resign or be fired.

Activists and some government supporters say they do not want the case against the nine former intelligence agents, including an ex-spy chief to be jeopardized.

The NIA9 are on trial for the tortured-death of an opposition activist, Ebrima Solo Sandeng in the months leading to the presidential election that sent Jammeh packing.

A leaked recording of Special Prosecutor Sheriff Tambadou discussing with the wife of troubled erstwhile NIA Director Yankuba Badjie sparked the calls for Attorney General Tambadou’s resignation or firing.

Special Prosecutor Tambadou and Attorney General Tambadou are brothers and in his conversation with Ndura Badjie said that if his brother had the means, the NIA9 case would not have gone to trial.

Attorney General Ba Tambadou, a former UN prosecutor had lambasted the manner in which the case was dragged to court without a conclusive investigation and the full involvement of the Justice Department.

Special Prosecutor Tambadou, the president of the lawyer’s union, has resigned from the prosecuting team amid allegations of professional misconduct to keep the integrity of case in tact.

He said that his declaration that the Attorney General would not have tried the case was of his own opinion and not that of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice.

When Attorney General Tambadou made his statement in March regarding the manner in which the case was taken to court, he was absolutely right and should remain unapologetic about ensuring the rule of law is maintained in the New Gambia.

It is what we have fought for and what The Gambian people have voted for choosing justice for all over persecution.

Ba Tambadou must not resign because he has not done anything wrong and cannot be held responsible for his brother’s mistakes.

If he resigns or gets fired, our justice delivery system will not only lose trust and credibility, the case against the NIA9 will be further jeopardized.

We cannot afford to have such a void in our Justice Department. Leadership in the department is critical as we seek justice for victims of the former regime and recoup millions stolen by the ex-regime.

Attorney General Tambadou must continue to remain in office and know that the vast majority of Gambians are supporting him. If he chooses to resign, it will be respected but for the interest of the nation, he must not.

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