Gambia’s President rejects Attorney General Tambadou’s resignation

Gambia’s President rejects Attorney General Tambadou’s resignation

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has turned down his Attorney General, Aboubacarr Ba Tambadou’s offer to resign following the leaking of an audio between a special prosecutor the wife of an embattled spy chief.

“President Barrow rejected the resignation of the Attorney General and Minister of Justice because he has confidence in him,” said Press Secretary Amie Bojang-Sisohore.

Special Prosecutor Sheriff Tambadou resigned on Monday to maintain the integrity of the trial against nine former intelligence officers accused of the slaying of an opposition activist, Ebrima Solo Sandeng.

Activists and supporters of Mr. Barrow were split on whether the Attorney General should resign and remain divided on Barrow’s refusal to accept his resignation.

Attorney General Tambadou, a former UN prosecutor had criticized the police for the arrest of the nine former intelligence officials after it appeared that it occurred without his knowledge and investigations were rushed.

The prosecution has since asked for more time to collect evidence in the case, while the accused remain in custody.

Calls for the Attorney General’s resignation gained ground when Special Prosecutor Sheriff Tambadou met with the wife of ex-spy chief Yankuba Badjie, where they discussed the case and a plea deal that was offered to Badjie.

The leaking of an audio recording of the meeting by Badjie’s wife, Ndura Jawara Badjie sparked outrage and demands for the resignation of the Tambadou brothers.

Supporters of the Attorney General said he has always upheld the law and a professional misconduct by his brother does not warrant him to resign or be fired.

It seems President Adama Barrow is in agreement with them and the Gambia Bar Association, which has come out to state its confidence in Attorney General Tambadou.

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