UK: Gambian woman faces jail time, deportation for benefits fraud

UK: Gambian woman faces jail time, deportation for benefits fraud

A Gambian woman illegally staying in the UK is facing jail time and deportation for defrauding the British government of at least £70,696 pounds (D4.2 million dalasis).

Ramou Jarjusey, 54, of Dudley arrived in the UK in 1996 on a visitors visa and has since not returned to her native Gambia after her 6 months stay expired.

She has been sentenced to 16 months in jail with a two-year suspension and ordered to pay a restitution of £1,000 pounds (D59,918 dalasis) by the Wolverhampton Crown Court.

According to British newspapers, Jarjusey used a fake name, Rohey Ndow-Njie to enter the UK and claim benefits for 10 years, including child tax credits using a string of false details.

She has a child in The Gambia and gave birth to two more children in the UK, according to the prosecuting attorney, Caroline Harris.

Tax credits paid to her were stopped in April 2015 after it was reported that she had moved to Denmark.

A red flag was raised after she reapplied for benefits three months later in July for a new national insurance number (the equivalent of a social security number).

Jarjusey has applied for asylum but it has been turned down by the Home Office. She has been given conditional leave until November when a decision will be made on whether she will be allowed to stay permanently or if she will be deported.

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