APRC demands unfreezing of its accounts

APRC demands unfreezing of its accounts

The APRC is accusing The Gambia’s government of rendering the opposition party financially handicapped by freezing its accounts and demanded the accounts be returned to them.

Gambian authorities froze more than 90 bank accounts associated with the APRC leader, ex-President Yahya Jammeh amid accusations of corruption and financial mismanagement.

“Jammeh does not know that some of these accounts exist. They belong to the party and the monies there are mostly from personal contributions of members,” said the party’s chair, Fabakary Tombong Jatta.

Gambia’s coalition government said the APRC used money siphoned from the state and used state resources and properties to operate its party’s affairs.

The party has been evicted from its headquarters, a building that was seized from a former civil servant by Jammeh and for the longest time used as an embassy by the Taiwanese government.

Gambia’s unity government is struggling to enforce its sovereignty in some areas still loyal to former President Jammeh.

The APRC is continuing to demand the withdrawal of military forces in the Foni region, where the party enjoys strong backing.

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