Families of purported ‘Jungulars’ demand their release

Families of purported ‘Jungulars’ demand their release

Family members of at least 10 Gambian soldiers have united to demand their release, six months into their arrest by the West African authorities.

The soldiers are accused of being part of a special paramilitary force used by Jammeh to commit human rights abuses.

The families of the soldiers, known as the Jungulars are calling for their immediate release, saying their detention is prolonged and violates their civil rights.

They are now accusing the government of abduction and enforced disappearance for continuing to detain the mostly former members of the elite presidential guard unit.

The soldiers are being held under military law and may face prosecution following confessions of killings and uncovering of mass graves.

The Gambia’s army said investigations have been concluded and are waiting for counsel from the Justice Department to put the men on trial.

It will be the second trial for human rights abuses since Jammeh’s uncolorful packing out of the State House to Equatorial Guinea.

So far, nine former intelligence officers have been put on trial for the torture death of an opposition activist.

The Jungulars have been the most implicated group of Jammeh loyalists in human rights abuses during Jammeh’s reign.

Some of its members have escaped and in hiding in neighboring countries and an international manhunt has been launched for their arrest and extradition to The Gambia.

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