Gambia’s army ‘weeding’ out ex-president’s loyalists

Gambia’s army ‘weeding’ out ex-president’s loyalists

Gambia’s army said it is identifying soldiers loyal to the country’s defeated President Yahya Jammeh following the arrest of four soldiers on suspicion of mutiny.

The West African nation has been struggling to weed out Jammeh’s loyalists and rebuild the army since the ouster of the autocratic ruler.

“There are just a few very bad elements in the armed forces and we are doing everything possible to weed those bad elements out,” Lt. Col. Omar Bojang, the Army’s Spokesperson said.

At least 300 soldiers loyal to Jammeh that have deserted the Gambia’s army are suspected of plotting to attack the country.

Gambia’s military spokesperson, Lt. Col. Omar B. Bojang

Senegal’s army chief, Lt. Col. Cheikh Gueye has been engaging regional defense chiefs to avert any attack on mainland Africa’s smallest country.

Gambia’s army chief, Lt. Gen. Masanneh Kinteh made major changes in the army amid reports of the external threats.

At least one soldier has escaped during the crackdown on mutinous soldiers this week by Gambia’s military police, Lt. Col. Bojang said.

Gambia’s new government is also struggling to enforce its sovereignty in some areas still loyal to former President Yahya Jammeh.

At least two soldiers were arrested for taking part in an anti-government protest demanding the withdrawal of West African troops and the return of Jammeh’s seized assets.

Gambian authorities accuse Jammeh of fleeing the country with more than $50 million and mismanaging more than $147 million in the last three years of his rule.

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