Gambia’s opposition ask Barrow to appoint vice president

Gambia’s opposition ask Barrow to appoint vice president

Former ruling APRC and the West African nation’s main opposition party has demanded that President Adama Barrow appoints a vice president.

The call is part of a list of demands made by the party to the Barrow administration after the opposition party was denied a permit to celebrate the anniversary of the coup that brought it to power.

It has been six months since Barrow took over power from defeated strongman, Yahya Jammeh after months of political turmoil.

The appointment of Mr. Barrow’s choice for vice president, Fatoumata Tambajang was blocked following an outcry by pro-democracy activists that it violated the Constitution.

A discriminatory law prohibits senior citizens, anyone 65 and older, from becoming president and vice president.

An attempt by Barrow’s administration to have the law amended was brought to an abrupt stop when Barrow declined to sign a bill into law that would have wiped the upper age limit.

His refusal to sign the bill was influenced by concerns that proper procedures were not followed to amend the Constitution.

Tambajang has been overseeing the vice presidency since but has been sworn-in as Minister of Women’s Affairs, a portfolio that comes with the VP job.

Activists and opposition politicians have called for the vice president’s appointment amid security concerns.

The absence of the Vice President means the National Security Council, which is chaired by the VP is not constituted.

Supporters of the President say it is, however, not going to be a quick fix for the Barrow’s government considering it has to follow the rule of law and deal with the mess left Jammeh’s government.

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