Police prosecutor discharged to refusing to work on Jammeh’s farm

Police prosecutor discharged to refusing to work on Jammeh’s farm

A Gambian police prosecutor has been fired from the force for refusing to work on ex-President Yahya Jammeh farm before the former leader’s defeat in last year’s election.

Fatoumata Jallow had served the police for five years and applied for re-engagement for another five years but her application but her application was rejected and she was dismissed.

Jallow has a pending charge and disciplinary action for refusing to abandon her duties to go to Kanilai to weed Jammeh’s farm, a police source said.

Police Spokesperson Foday Conta confirmed Ms. Jallow’s discharge from the force arguing that she was not fired but discharged upon completion of her five-year term.

“Fatoumata has a pending case of indiscipline and that in the service, if you disobey orders you are punished in the form of disciplinary action by the authorities,” Conta said.

Jallow said she never got any letter of dismissal from her bosses, saying: “I was just discharged.”

Former President Yahya Jammeh regularly orders Gambian civil servants to work on his farm and security chiefs and government directors wanting to gain recognition voluntarily orders their staff to work on his farm.

Senior cabinet members, including the former Vice President Isatou Njie-Saidy, had all participated in working on Jammeh’s farm on multiple occasions.

Those that refused to go to Mr. Jammeh’s farm faced threats of expulsion from the civil service and demotions. Often times, these threats are carried out.

There are calls for the decision for Jallow’s removal to be reversed with many calling it a ‘ridiculous decision’ by the police.

Jammeh was defeated in the elections last year and the ex-autocratic ruler fled to Equatorial Guinea but his autocratic decisions are still affecting the affairs of the country.

(Reporting and Writing by Assan Sallah; Additional Writing and Editing by Sam Phatey)

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