Police deny Jammeh link in prosecutor’s discharge

Police deny Jammeh link in prosecutor’s discharge

Gambia’s police denied last week it fired a police prosecutor over allegations of refusing to weed the former President Yahya Jammeh’s farm.

Fatoumata Jallow was discharged after applying for re-engagement at the end of her five-year service agreement and the police say she has multiple disciplinary charges against her.

“It does not make an iota of sense for any police officer to be discharged or punished in this era for the former president when they could have been punished adequately during his regime,” said police spokesperson, Foday Conta.

“In fact, there is no charge sheet amongst the numerous charge sheets in Fatoumatta Jallow’s personal file that connects to Kanilai farm.”

Those that reapply for their service in the police to be renewed, their files are subjected to scrutiny, a process that found that “Fatoumata Jallow is ineligible to be re-engaged.”

Jallow said she is subject to target by her boss, who has severally threatened to get her fired and maintains that refusing to go to Kanilai is a part of the charges she faced.

She said she defended all allegations against her and her colleague of hers called her a “fine and great prosecutor,” who did her job well.

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