Amadou Samba refutes media reports of arrest

Amadou Samba refutes media reports of arrest

A Gambian business magnate and a former close associate of the ex-President Yahya Jammeh has refuted reports that he was arrested in Dakar, Senegal’s capital.

Amadou Samba allegedly met with former First Lady Zineb Jammeh in Dakar and Senegal’s erstwhile Minister of Energy Samuel Sarr before being arrested, the Senegalese media reported.

Gambian papers picked it up shortly forcing Mr. Samba to clarify that the story was an allegation to tarnish his image and that he held no meeting with the former First Lady Jammeh.

“News of my dining with the former Gambian First Lady, Zineb Jammeh, in a lush Dakar restaurant and reports of my subsequent arrest, detention, and questioning by Senegalese police came as a big shock but news of the malicious story didn’t surprise me at all as am aware of people continuously out to malign and tarnish my image,” Samba told The Gambia Echo.

“I am a free man. No police or security officer has ever called, questioned, arrested or interrogated me and I have nothing to hide.”

Senegalese media have also started reporting that the arrest was Samba, Sarr and the ex-first lady was false.

Samba is accusing former Gambian diplomat and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sidi Sanneh of using his blog to target him.

Sanneh said he did not act with malice towards Mr. Samba and said he was informed by reliable and trustworthy sources on Samba’s presence and activities in Dakar.

Gambian human rights and pro-democracy campaigners have been asking for Samba’s arrest and the seizing of his assets.

He was seen last month with President Adama Barrow at the launching of the construction of a new medical center fueling anger and discontent.

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