Senegal intelligence rubbishes reports of Gambia’s ex-First Lady’s presence

Senegal intelligence rubbishes reports of Gambia’s ex-First Lady’s presence

A Senior Senegalese intelligence officer on Tuesday denied reports of the presence of Gambia’s former First Lady Zineb Jammeh in the capital, Dakar.

The official, who spoke under anonymity said there was no way for the erstwhile first lady to enter the French speaking West African nation without being noticed.

“As a former First Lady, there are certain protocols accorded and Zineb Jammeh could not have entered Senegalese territory without the prior knowledge of the authorities,” the officer told The Gambia Echo.

“I can assure you that Madam Jammeh is not in Dakar, and according to our records, she has not been here in two years.”

The ex-First Lady was reported seen in a Dakar high-end restaurant dining with two former Jammeh associates – businessman Amadou Samba and former Senegalese Minister of Energy Samuel Sarr.

Samba and Sarr have dismissed the reports are “malicious and fake” by those targeting them to tarnish their image.

It is considered illogical for the Mrs. Jammeh to venture into Senegal with security concerns over external threats at high alerts.

Senegal played the leading role in the military offensive that forced Jammeh to leave power. Its soldiers make up the majority of the West African troops securing the Gambia.

Gambia’s security continues to be under threat and the army has arrested at least four people and investigating an unspecified number of people for mutiny.

Senegal is taking seriously reports of Jammeh’s loyalists in the army working with those that have deserted and his close associates plotting to destabilize the small West African state.

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