Barrow calls for repealing of law banning dual citizens from taking govt jobs

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow is supporting calls for the repealing of a law that prohibits Gambians with dual citizenship from seeking certain senior government roles.

It forbids those with dual citizenship from becoming ministers, security chiefs, and ambassadors.

“We care about the laws, we respect all the laws but there will be an overhaul of these kinds of laws. We want good laws for this country,” says Barrow.

“We do not want to discriminate anybody, and to me personally, most of these dual citizenships are for economic reasons but they believe in The Gambia.”

Barrow calls for the laws to be changed so all Gambians can have equal opportunities in the country.

The Jammeh-backed National Assembly passed the law, which Jammeh quickly appended his signature to when opposition to his rule was gaining strength.

Jammeh’s strongest opposition came from the Diaspora, mostly in the U.S. and U.K. where he had appointed several influential people and a few supporters he had into his government.

He fell apart with many after their appointment with most of them accused of espionage and giving false information.

They return to Europe and America become stronger critics and revealing his administration’s secrets.

Due to their dual citizenships, Jammeh is unable to jail most of them and since the law passed, many ministers and senior officials that were dismissed end up in prison.

The law ensured loyalty to Mr. Jammeh, who entrenched himself in power and would only disregard it to appoint Gambians with dual citizenship who were openly fighting his opposition in the Diaspora.

The Diaspora backed Barrow’s presidency and raised the financial capital needed for the country’s opposition coalition to face Jammeh is the elections, giving him a shocking defeat in the December elections.

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