Barrow remains confident of army’s loyalty

Barrow remains confident of army’s loyalty

Gambia’s new leader, President Adama Barrow said he is “absolutely sure” of the loyalty of the Gambia Armed Forces, renewing his confidence in the country’s military.

Barrow first spoke of the army’s loyalty to him during the political turmoil sparked by former President Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to cede power.

The Gambia’s army had backed Jammeh through out his rule but refused to fight against West African troops that were deployed to enforce the outcome of the elections in which Jammeh suffered defeat in the hands of Barrow.

The army apologized for supporting Jammeh and helping him stage the coup that brought “untold terror and mayhem” to Gambians.

Security concerns remain high, with checkpoints mounted all over the Greater Banjul Area as reports of Jammeh’s loyalist plotting against Barrow’s administration cripple in.

Gambia’s army arrested four soldiers and said several others suspected of mutiny have escaped into hiding.

They are believed to be loyalists of former President Jammeh and are reportedly working with army deserters in neighboring nations.

Gambia is reforming its army and ridding the military of Jammeh’s loyalists.

The elite presidential guard has been disbanded and its members integrated into other units of the army.

President Barrow is being secured by the police and West African soldiers mainly from Senegal that were deployed to force Jammeh to cede power.

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