Gambia may seek Jammeh’s extradition from Equatorial Guinea

Gambia may seek Jammeh’s extradition from Equatorial Guinea

Gambian authorities have indicated for a second time in six months that if need be, it will seek the extradition of the ex-authoritarian ruler, Yahya Jammeh.

Jammeh is accused of committing human rights abuses and crimes against the state since he fled the country in January.

“We will not hesitate to do that [seek Jammeh’s extradition] but we will have to wait for the due process,” said Gambia’s President Adama Barrow.

“Every atrocity and human rights abuse in the past 22 years will be investigated and people who are responsible will be prosecuted.”

He vowed not to compromise securing justice for Jammeh’s victims, a promise he also made during his bid for the presidency.

Gambia is also seeking the extradition of members of a special paramilitary black ops squad that tortured and killed for Jammeh.

A court in the Gambia’s capital, Banjul issued arrest warrants for members of the group that has escaped to Mauritania, Guinea, and Guinea-Bissau.

Several unmarked graves have been unearthed with the help of members of the group that were captured by the police.

The prosecution of nine former intelligence officers accused of killing an opposition activist is facing difficulties but Barrow assured victims and their families of justice.

Jammeh’s assets have been seized by Gambian authorities and a commission has been set up to probe his finances and that of his associates.

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