President Barrow: I am in charge and no one else

President Barrow: I am in charge and no one else

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow has stated strongly that he is total control of the country clearing thoughts that he’s is serving as a pawn of his UDP party leader, Ousainou Darboe.

Barrow, a humble political novice defeated ex-President Yahya Jammeh in the elections last year but unlike the former strongman, he has shown great respect and humility to his colleagues, especially Darboe.

Barrow has called and treats Darboe as his father leaving pundits with the belief that the UDP party leader has the final say on government matters.

“I am in total control here. If anything goes wrong, I will be held responsible. I do consult and listen and I have people I have respect for in my cabinet but the final decision is mine. I am in charge and no one else,” Barrow said.

Opposition supporters and some of Barrow’s unhappy supporters described Mr. Darboe as the de facto president of the small West African state.

Darboe mentored Barrow, who entered politics in 2006 upon returning from the U.K. where he studied for a real estate certification.

Prior to becoming a candidate for the presidency, Barrow had not previously held any elected office, but he had been the treasurer of the UDP party.

During the campaign, he promised to return the Gambia to its membership of the Commonwealth of Nations and the jurisdiction of the International Criminal Court, promises he has fulfilled.

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