President Barrow is Gambia’s Minister of Defense

President Barrow is Gambia’s Minister of Defense

After months of speculation, President Adama Barrow has announced the name of the country’s Minister of Defense, Adama Barrow, a former real estate developer.

President Barrow during an interview with WADR’s Sheriff Bojang Jr. said he is the West African nation’s Minister of Defense, after months of urging him to appoint one.

It apparently seems to be a tradition that Gambian presidents also become the country’s defense minister.

The country’s first post-colonial president, Sir Dawda Jawara and ex-authoritarian ruler, Yahya Jammeh all held the position of Minister of Defense during their reign.

Jawara ruled for three decades and Jammeh for two. Barrow is expected to serve less than five years and resign for elections to be held.

Jammeh suffered a shocking defeat in the hands of Barrow last winter. Jammeh was forced to flee to Equatorial Guinea after nearly slipping the country into civil war.

Gambia is facing security challenges with Jammeh’s loyalists in the army joining forces with those that have deserted plotting to destabilize the small nation.

Barrow has promised to reform the security forces, pledging to increase professionalism and separate them from politics.

Gambia arrested four soldiers while several other soldiers, including the ringleader of a mutiny, have escaped and fled into hiding.

More than two dozen soldiers loyal to Jammeh are being detained, most of them for committing human rights abuses and crimes against the state.

There are reported threats to Barrow’s life but he has brushed them aside and restated his confidence in the military and their loyalty to him as their Commander-In-Chief.

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