Army releases navy soldier that assaulted teacher

A naval officer arrested for beating a teacher in Lamin, Kombo North has been released without charges, military sources confirmed.

Ramon Samboh was arrested by the military police on July 20 for assaulting Abdou Badjie and held at the Yundum barracks.

According Badjie, Sambou smoking cannabis, a prohibited drug in the compound that has several apartments.

He had approached the soldier to stop smoking in the family compound but the naval officer Sambou will not budge.

‘‘I told the soldier when he is smoking cannabis at least he should go and hide somewhere else and smoke but the officer still instead and continue smoking in my family compound,’’ he said

The police in Banjulinding declined to arrest Sambou saying “he was a soldier and cannot handle it” since it involved the military.

The reporting the incident to the police reportedly angered Sambou and escalated to violent confrontations with Mr. Badjie injuring him.

The military is still carrying out its investigation and says it is concerned about such incidents but there are doubts if Sanbou will face prosecution or serious internal disciplining, according to a source.

The military has acted with impunity in the last two decades and assault on citizens was common and went unpunished.

Gambia’s army is trying to mend its broken relations with the public and regain its trust and confidence.

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