Gambia: Family denied postmortem report by police

The Krubally family in Nema Kunku have reported that the police have declined to give them a copy of the postmortem report for their loved one, who died in police custody.

Lamin Krubally died in a police cell at the Nema Kunku police station, outside Serrekunda after a fight that led to his arrest.

Krubally had sustained injuries and police said he was taken to a medical facility before being detained.

According to the police spokesperson, the deceased died of self-inflicted injuries by hitting his head on the wall.

Lamin Krubally’s wife, Rohey Krubally blamed the police for negligence. She found her husband lying on his stomach and could not believe police will not hear or notice someone inflicting self-injuries.

The family said they had been to the Major Crime Unit of the police to secure a copy of the postmortem report but were told it would take an additional two weeks for them to get a copy.

“We had no other option but to go home as the police promised to consult us when the results come out,’’ said Ebrima Faal, a family relation.

The two weeks have expired and the family is yet to receive the results from the police or the medical examiner.

It is the third reported death in the hands of the Gambia Police Force this year. A human rights unit has been established to probe allegations of police neglect, abuses, and misconduct.

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