Daily Observer fined D100K for failure to appear

Daily Observer fined D100K for failure to appear

The High court in Banjul has ordered the Daily Observer Newspaper to pay D100,000 dalasis ($2,500) in fines to the Gambia Revenue Authority for failure to appear.

Attorneys representing the embattled company were not in court when a judge called the case brought against them for tax evasion.

They arrived shortly after the hearing for the first appearance ended and Justice Mahoney passed his ruling for a fine to be paid.

The Gambia Revenue Authority dragged the newspaper belonging exiled ex-President Yahya Jammeh to court for refusing to pay taxes for decades.

The management of the Daily Observer Newspaper has gone into an agreement with tax authorities after a two-week closure.

They agreed to pay half a million dalasis ($12,500) a month towards the D17.5 million dalasis ($437,500) owed in taxes.

The arrears include corporate income tax, sales tax, value added tax, an interest of 25 percent and payroll tax from January 2007 to December 2016.

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