Disaster renders more than 100 people homeless in Niani

Windstorms last week destroyed several homes in Niani leaving more than 100 people to shelter with neighbors and distant relatives, authorities reported.

Residents in three villages, Palland Mandinka, Wassu and Gingoreh Manga were affected by the storm which has left a some of the people injured and more than 15 properties damaged.

The district chief, Alhaji Pierre Bah said the district is in a state of emergency and needs urgent aid relief.

Many other homes had their roof partially removed leaving them at the mercy of the next rains. A heavy downpour is expected this week.

Local disaster relief officials have visited the area and currently making an assessment, which will be sent to the Governor of Central River Region.

More than 4,000 are in urgent need of help, mostly housing due to strong winds and heavy terrestrial rains that have destroyed their homes since the rains started this year.

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