Gambia’s state-owned companies owe billions in taxes

Gambia’s state-owned companies owe billions in taxes

State-owned companies in The Gambia owe an undisclosed sum in taxes to the Gambia Revenue Authority amounting to billions, the country’s finance minister, Amadou Sanneh said.

The companies have not been paying their taxes with some owing more than a billion dalasis.

The country’s only power company, NAWEC owes at least D1.2 billion dalasis ($30 million) and GAMCEL about D1 billion dalasis ($25 million) in tax arrears, the Parliament was informed.

NAWEC is facing challenges, unable to collect billions of dalasis in debt owed to it by most state agencies as well.

At least four other state enterprises owe about D1.4 billion dalasis ($35 billion), according to sources.

At least five companies, including GAMTEL, Ports Authority and GAMCEL have entered into a payment agreement with the Revenue Authority.

The Gambia Revenue Authority has been cracking down on tax defaulters and will be dragging the Daily Observer Newspaper, belonging to ex-President Yahya Jammeh to court on Monday.

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