Senegal’s loud mouth Elhaji Diouf suffers a Yahya Jammeh

Senegal’s loud mouth Elhaji Diouf suffers a Yahya Jammeh

A Senegalese lawyer and a staunch supporter of Gambia’s former dictator has been defeated in Sunday’s legislative election in the French speaking West African state.

Maitre Elhaji Diouf suffered a humiliating defeat, losing his parliamentary seat to a candidate backed by the party of the country’s president, Macky Sall.

Diouf has been the main backer for neighboring Gambia’s ex-authoritarian ruler, Yahya Jammeh, defending the ousted longtime ruler.

Diouf criticized President Sall’s decision for Senegal’s army to lead West African troops to force Jammeh to step aside and hand over power to President Adama Barrow.

His continuous support for Mr. Jammeh and defending him on Senegalese television while disrespecting Gambians and senior Senegalese officials “made him look foolish and the public lost respect for him.”

Jammeh did the same leading to his shocking election defeat and just six months into his ouster, he will now be joined in the losers circle by his last strong supporter in Senegal, the loud mouth Maitre Elhaji Diouf.

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