Foni talks to end post-electoral skirmishes over

Foni talks to end post-electoral skirmishes over

Talks in the opposition stronghold of Foni to end the political unrest in the southwestern Gambia region has come to an end, the State House said on Monday.

Prominent people from the region, mostly former senior government officials and security chiefs led the talks and submitted a report to President Adama Barrow.

Former army chief, Lt. Gen. Lang Tombong Tamba presented the report to Mr. Barrow, whose administration denied allegations of discrimination against the people.

Violence erupted in Foni following ex-President Yahya Jammeh’s defeat leading to the arrest of more than 72 people in the region in less than six months.

Clashes broke out between opposition elements and Barrow’s supporters following the UDP’s big win in the National Assembly elections.

The unrest in Foni left one person dead and several others seriously injured following the seizure of Jammeh’s assets, which angered his kinsmen.

Protesters in Kanilai clashed with regional troops stationed in the area as part of the West African effort to stabilize the country.

The main opposition APRC party continues to accuse the government of militarizing the region and demand the withdrawal of troops.

State prosecutors have dropped charges against some 50 people who were arrested in Foni and part of the recommendations to Mr. Barrow is to have the state drop charges against the Kanilai protesters.

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