Threats or no threats in Gambia?

Threats or no threats in Gambia?

Gambia’s President Adama Barrow said reports of external attacks being plotted against his country and threats to his life are just mere headline news.

But the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Interior, Bully Dibba said the externally supported armed opposition to the government has changed the nature of threats to internal security.

At least four soldiers have been arrested for mutiny and several others allegedly involved have escaped and gone into hiding.

The arrest followed reports that Jammeh’s loyalist who deserted the army were communicating with those in the military to make the country ungovernable.

Minister of Interior, Mai Ahmad Fatty also brushed aside the credibility of the reports to Parliament, saying there were no threats but warning that attempting such will be crushed.

Gambia is struggling to rebuild its army and the security threats facing the country are being swept under the rug in a bid to assure investors that the country is safe.

West African troops are stationed in the country to help stabilize its security after Jammeh’s ouster and are also protecting President Barrow.

Gambia’s elite presidential guard unit has been disbanded and its members integrated into other units of the military. The presidential guards were mostly Jammeh loyalists.

The army said only a few of its members remain loyal to the ex-president and it is identifying them as part of its reform efforts to weed them out.

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