President Barrow offered to sign repatriation pact and he declined

President Barrow offered to sign repatriation pact and he declined

While in Belgium, Gambia’s President Adama Barrow was offered to sign an agreement that would see the mass deportation of his citizens from EU nation.

Barrow declined to sign the pact l, telling EU leaders that there is a need to address the migration crisis through a holistic approach.

“This is a sensitive issue and we do not want to be narrow-minded,” said Mr. Barrow.

“There are a lot of things that affect economic migration and the world has a big responsibility.”

At least 22 percent of the Gambia’s GDP is dependant on remittances sent back from the Diaspora, making it a key economic factor.

Gambian migrants make the third largest arrivals to Europe by sea [proportionally] but the number has dwindled since Barrow’s coming to power.

So far, more than 380 Gambians have been voluntarily repatriated to the small West African nation, 28 of which arrived on Monday.

Many other would be migrants canceled their perilous attempt to reach Europe after the EU disbursed $13 million to help create jobs.

They clinching on to the hope that comes with the New Gambia to stay back and work for enough money to rise out of poverty.

However, some are already getting frustrated. Expectations on Barrow’s government are high but the EU is back to its aid, pledging more than $75 million in aid to help revive the country’s economy.

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