Reconciliation takes center stage in Gambia’s army

Reconciliation takes center stage in Gambia’s army

Gambia’s defense chief, Lt. Gen. Masanneh Kinteh said the army is implementing a reconciliation program to reunite soldiers, who were torn apart by decades of repressive rule.

Kinteh said the army has also been a victim of Jammeh’s oppression and that some of his men suffered abuses.

Many Gambian soldiers were tortured, killed and others forced into exile throughout Jammeh’s rule.

“The armed forces have been a victim of the excessive and arbitrary actions of the former regime,” said Kinteh.

The army has reinstated tens of soldiers who were wrongfully dismissed by Jammeh, and several of them were once jailed for attempting to overthrow his government.

There are fears that tensions may flare as victims cross paths with their abusers but Gen. Kinteh said soldiers are reconciling and forgiving one another.

Kinteh said, however, there must be redress for some of the past injustice committed by the regime for former President Jammeh.

At least 20 Gambian soldiers have so far been arrested for human rights abuses and crimes against the state, the latest of which was four for mutiny.

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