Gambia: Army takes external armed opposition threat seriously

Gambia: Army takes external armed opposition threat seriously

Gambia’s Army said it is taking seriously the reports of threats of an external plot to destabilize the country, reassuring citizens of their safety.

Army Chief Lt. Gen. Masanneh Kinteh the military is making sure steps are taken to ensure safety and security.

“Any threat to national security or survival of the new government is taken seriously,” said Kinteh.

“We do not expect that a regime that has been here for 22 years can just be uprooted without security concerns.”

At least 300 Gambian soldiers who deserted the army are feared to be camping in Mauritania, Guinea and Guinea-Bissau teaming with Jammeh’s exiled generals and some senior Gambian army officials to attack the country.

Gambia’s army is collaborating with its regional partners, notably Senegal to assess and stop any plot that will make The Gambia descend into chaos.

The Gambia’s army denied that all 300 are from its roster but is not ruling out the possibility of Jammeh recruiting people into the army without enlisting them.

Kinteh has assured that the country is safe long after West African troops that helped chase Jammeh out of the country are gone.

Gambia and its neighbor, Senegal have signed several security agreements. Two of its general have recently visited Banjul and agreed that collaboration between the two armies is a must.

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