Gambian man, son freed from Mile 2 after 7 years

Gambian man, son freed from Mile 2 after 7 years

A Gambian man and his son were freed this week from the notorious Mile 2 prisons after being held at the facility for seven years.

A judge in Banjul acquitted and discharged the two men after prosecutors failed to proof arson and murder charges against them.

They were accused of causing a fire that led to the death of a woman, Fatou Badjie in October 2010 at Bundung Borehole.

They denied any wrongdoing throughout their trial.

Badjie before her death had told investigators that she suspected that the fire that had engulfed her may be sparked by a gas explosion.

Gambian authorities have set up a commission to review cases of people whose trial have been in the backlog for years.

Hundreds of people are remanded at the state prison while they wait for their cases to be heard.

The new Chief Justice Hassan Jallow has pledged that the judiciary, although constrained will be working to ensure that the backlog is cleared.

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