General Kinteh’s interview with WADR’s Sheriff Bojang Jr. reassuring

General Kinteh’s interview with WADR’s Sheriff Bojang Jr. reassuring

Lt. Gen. Massaneh Kinteh’s interview last week aired on the West Africa Democracy Radio (WADR) has put many minds at peace and reassured citizens of their safety.

The downplaying of threats of an external armed opposition against the country made many to question the safety of the people after West African troops have left.

But Kinteh’s assurance that any threat to national security or the survival of the Barrow administration is taken very seriously is very refreshing.

“We are making sure we take every step to ensure the safety and security of the people,” said Gen. Kinteh.

Pockets of the Gambia’s army remain loyal to ousted despotic ruler Yahya Jammeh, and still, some residual frustration and anger remain.

The manner in which the transition occurred contributed to this and those who were given senior positions because of their loyalty to Jammeh now fear losing them.

“Some of the people were in positions they were comfortable with and the change of government would not be seen to be in their favor,” Kinteh said.

It seems Kinteh’s approach is realistic and holistic not expecting that a regime that has been entrenched for 22 years would be wiped out without a fight.

Knowing that the army is assessing the threats of reported external attacks and partnering with regional forces to address is very gratifying.

What is even more reassuring is that it signals its preparedness to ensure the safety of the country after the ECOWAS stabilization force departs.

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