Zakir Naik’s Gambian diplomatic passport nixed

Zakir Naik’s Gambian diplomatic passport nixed

Gambia’s new government has canceled the diplomatic passport of controversial Indian preacher, Dr. Zakir Naik.

Gambia on Tuesday revoked at least 270 diplomatic passports belonging to former senior officials, including ex-President Yahya Jammeh and his family.

India also revoked Naik’s passport last week after he failed to respond to several notices to appear before investigating authorities.

He is said to have left India last year and had been traveling between Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.

The revocation of his Indian passport has effectively made Naik a stateless person. He is said to have obtained citizenship from Saudi Arabia and is believed to be residing abroad to avoid arrest.

Jammeh first came into contact with Naik in 2014, inviting him and his family for a series of special lectures in the small West African nation.

Naik, 51, who is wanted in his native India for terrorism and money laundering related charges visited The Gambia twice and claimed to be the spiritual advisor of the ousted autocratic ruler.

Resentment towards Naik, which started from his bashing of Christians in the country grew after claiming to have advised Jammeh to unilaterally declare the nation an Islamic republic.

Indian authorities on Monday has also begun the legal process to attach Naik’s assets following the issuance of two non-bailable warrants and declared him a proclaimed offender.

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