Gambia: Mob beats police detective mistaken for thief

A police officer was left with serious injuries and hospitalized after a mob that mistook him for a thief beat him in the Wulli West District of Jah Kunda.

Corporal Momodou Bah was a detective at the Basse Police Station and was returning from visiting a friend Touba Yoppa village.

His motorbike broke down and he stopped at Jah Kunda hoping to get it fixed when he heard cries of ‘thief’ from locals. When approached by a group of youths, Bah showed his law enforcement identification but they proceeded to attack him.

At least two people have been arrested and several others accused of taking part in the mob beating have fled into hiding.

It is the second incident in less than a year that a mob attacked a law enforcement officer in the village becoming notorious for such crimes.

Authorities say those arrested are being detained at the Jangjangbureh prisons in the Central River Region and will be facing assault charges.

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