Senegal arrest popular music star for insulting leader

Senegal arrest popular music star for insulting leader

A popular Senegalese musician, Amie Colle Dieng has been arrested by the police for allegedly insulting the country’s president.

Activists have united to demand for her immediate release describing her arrest as an affront to her free speech.

Her supporters and critics of President Macky Sall say “she did not say anything in the audio that constitutes an insult.”

Ms. Dieng is said to have described Senegal’s leader as a “jester” in an audio that became viral on social media.

She was arrested by the police Criminal Investigation Division in the capital, Dakar, the Senegalese local media reported.

Several people this year have been arrested in Senegal for insulting Mr. Sall and charges have been dropped against most of them.

Sall’s party this week won a landslide in legislative elections that were marred by violence and voting malpractices.

The opposition has rejected the outcome of the polls that saw the comeback of former President Abdoulaye Wade in the West African nation’s politics.

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