Gambia: Major opposition leader accuses unity govt of stealing donor funds

An opposition leader in The Gambia is accusing ministers of the country’s coalition government of stealing the bulk of funds meant to revive the broken economy.

The corruption charges leveled against senior officials by the GDC’s Mama Kandeh came just days after the EU disbursed more than $35 million to the government of Adama Barrow.

“They are busy signing loan agreements here and there. They are sharing the little money that we are getting from some of these financial institutions. They are not interested in the welfare of Gambians,” Kandeh alleged.

“We as a country should refuse to be dragged into the uncertain future. That’s where this government wants to take us. We are not heading towards the right direction.”

He did not say how the theft happened and fell short of naming any official involved in the purported diversion of funds into their personal coffers.

Kandeh’s accusation of corruption has ignited calls for a probe by President Adama Barrow.

Allegations of corruption and stealing of donor funds can see The Gambia denied tens of millions in aid to repair the economy and curb illegal migration to Europe.

Thousands of Gambian youths are abandoning the small nation desperately trying to reach Europe for better economic opportunities.

Since Barrow came to power, he has repaired damaged relations with the West.

So far, at least $120 million has been given to the Gambia’s government, most of it grants meant to create jobs for the growingly frustrated youth population.

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