Gambia minister allege EU nations not respecting migrant rights

Gambia minister allege EU nations not respecting migrant rights

Gambia’s Minister of Interior has alleged that migrants from the West African nation are not treated fairly in camps.

The mass arrival of migrants and asylum seekers to the EU by sea has led to a humanitarian and political crisis largely of the EU’s own making that needs to be addressed with the utmost urgency.

Minister of Interior Mai Ahmad Fatty said Gambians are being held “in asylum camps and halfway houses in which their rights are not fully respected.”

Refugees and migrants have been regularly subjected to widespread rights violations by officials at some European borders.

A lack of leadership, vision, and solidarity based on human rights principles are at the core of the European Union’s dismal response to refugee and migration challenges, activists say.

Rather than improving conditions in refugee camps, Europe has focused on increasing border controls and stepping up returns.

Conditions in the camps are deplorable and being described as worst than prison and treatment of children at some detention centers violated the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

EU’s cooperation with Libya led to thousands of unspeakable abuses in detention centers where migrant are sent.

They are detained indefinitely and subjected to torture, beatings, rape, and exploitation by guards.

The EU has given The Gambia more than $100 million dollars in six months with at least 25 percent of it meant to create jobs for the youths.

Experts say no matter how much money European governments invest in international aid projects purportedly intended to address the root causes of displacement, the reality is that EU leaders have so far largely favored projects that create barriers for migration.

They have used international aid as leverage to get African governments to cooperate in their implementation.

Fatty denied that The Gambia has agreed to any reparation pact for Gambian migrants and said the EU has been working to help The Gambia revive its economy to create jobs, which will keep the youths at home.

The UN human-rights commissioner has accused some EU nations of a systematic violation of the human rights of migrants and refugees in order to deter them from coming to the country.

“According to credible reports from various sources, the violations of the human rights of migrants are neither isolated nor coincidental, but systematic,” said Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein.

Traumatized people, exhausted from their journey, were hastily interviewed and were not provided with adequate information on their rights and the legal consequences of their statements.

Amnesty International says EU risks complicity in violations as refugees and asylum-seekers locked up and deported.

The EU made a €3 billion euro pledge to improve the humanitarian situation for refugees and asylum-seekers with nations that commit to strengthening measures to restrict the flow of migrants and refugees.

(Reporting and Writing by Sam Phatey; Additional Reporting from New Agencies; Editing by Sainey Marenah)

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