Rains leave Gambia’s capital in a deplorable state

Rains leave Gambia’s capital in a deplorable state

Last month’s rains have left the capital, Banjul in shambles. Clogged gutters and waterways have been rendered of less use as trash piles up in them.

Banjul, Gambia’s political capital is an island getting quickly swallowed by the Atlantic.

The impact of global warming can be felt right in the city but not as much as the smell of stink coming from the gutters and heap of garbage on curb sides.

The roads are dilapidated, ruined as a result of neglect by the city council and the central government.

Potholes in the roads find much joy making vehicles limp into them and get drivers busy avoiding them.

Banjul is in such a horrible state that visiting head of states are kept in hotels in the Kombo metropolis.

The city is left to flood after the rains because the drainage system is virtually non-functional.

The flooding waters take all the trash on the curbside and the filth in the gutter on a joy ride in every neighborhood in Banjul.

Being in Banjul, the smell from the gutters constantly reminds you of where you are.

Banjulians will be heading to the polls next year to vote for a new Mayor. At least three people have announced their candidacy.

How Banjul will be restored and its glory as the capital brought back to life will play a critical role in selecting the next Mayor.

Many of the city’s natives have left. They have moved to the Kombos were the real estate market is booming.

Banjul is literally a ghost town after the close of business when many of the government workers that rush into the Quadrangle have gone back home to the Kombos.

Several government agencies are already moving out of Banjul too. The Ministry of Internal Security has moved to the Kanifing Municipality and others are expected to follow.

It seems just like many natives, the government is abandoning it too. It will not be a surprise if the seat of the government gets moved quietly.

Whatever may, it will be up to the next Mayor of Banjul to turn the city into an economically viable town that is sustainable and its people can be proud of.

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