Ebrima Jallow’s family decline probe into his death

The family of a Guinean national, Ebrima Jallow refused an autopsy to ascertain his death while being interrogated by the police.

Authorities launched a probe into Jallow’s death to clear any doubt that there was any wrongdoing during his detention.

The police said the 72-year-old man started shaking and collapsed unconscious during interrogation by investigators.

He was rushed to a local hospital, in Faji Kunda, 10 miles outside the capital, Banjul where a medical staffer pronounced him dead.

Jallow’s family signed an affidavit in opposition to a postmortem, Police Spokesperson Foday Conta said on Monday.

His family spoke with investigators from the Criminal Investigation Department of the police, who were leading the probe to ascertain the cause of his death.

Jallow immigrated from the West African nation of Guinea and involved in petty trade in local markets.

He was arrested after another petty trader filed fraud complaints against him to the police, accusations he had denied.

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