Foni demands are wishes, says Mai Ahmad Fatty

Foni demands are wishes, says Mai Ahmad Fatty

Gambia’s Minister of Internal Security, Mai Ahmad Fatty has rebuffed the demands made by the people of Foni as wishes.

Fatty, who took a strong stand against “violent clashes” in Foni said preconditions will not be levied on the government and vows to enforce the law.

According to a report presented to President Adama Barrow, the people of Foni demanded the reinstatement of at least 100 natives and the dropping of charges against some 24 protesters.

“What they have submitted is a wish list factors they feel will encourage greater integration of some Foninkas and to instill and build confidence, these are confidence building measures but they are not demands,” Fatty said.

Fatty has brushed aside claims of negotiations, reiterating that the government is not at war with Foni and that Foni is not autonomous.

Foni suffered unrest since the ouster of ex-autocratic ruler Yahya Jammeh. Jammeh hailed from the region and made it a political capital during his reign.

Foni has been stable following the Kanilai protest and a reported curfew. The government has warned that no part of the country will be permitted be a law onto itself.

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