Gambian police release autopsy report of Lamin Krubally

Gambian police release autopsy report of Lamin Krubally

The police have made public the cause of death of Mr. Lamin Krubally, who died in police custody.

Krubally died at the Nema Kunku police station and the police were accused of negligence.

According to the report by pathologist Professor M.A.I. Khalid of Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, Krubally died of head injury and trauma to the skull.

Krubally’s wife found him laying on his stomach with the head bleeding inside the police cell.

The police said he inflicted the injuries on himself. There are no cameras inside the police jails in Gambia.

The police said that Krubally was seen by some other detainees inflicting injuries on himself by hitting his head on the wall.

The country’s Chief Justice also launched an independent probe into Krubally’s death in custody and appointed Magistrate Lamin George of Bundung Magistrate court as Coroner.

Krubally was arrested after a fight for causing injuries to Lamara Jallow. He reportedly used a wooden pestle to hit Jallow on the head, according to a police report.

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