Gambia’s ex-oil director redeployed to asset corporation

Gambia’s former oil director has been redeployed to the Asset Management and Recovery Corporation (AMRC) as financial director.

Momodou Badjie was among dozens of senior officials arrested and prosecuted by the regime of Yahya Jammeh for financial crime.

The new Attorney General dropped charges against Badjie and no less than 30 other senior officials dragged to court by Jammeh.

Jammeh had accused them of corruption and causing the economy to lose at least $12 million by giving a contract to a Dubai-based oil firm.

New President Adama Barrow reinstated Badjie and several others following their release from prison following further findings.

Allegations against some of the officials were described as politically motivated and flimsy. Jammeh is accused of targeting people after falling apart with them.

The country’s former Secretary General and Civil Service Chief, Mambury Njie has replaced Badjie as director of the state-owned oil corporation.

The Assets Management and Recovery Corporation (AMRC) deals in Gambian land sale tenders for re-possessed plots, houses, commercial buildings and other assets on behalf of the Government.

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