The impasse was also a grace period for Jammeh to make away with millions

The impasse was also a grace period for Jammeh to make away with millions

When Yahya Jammeh refused to cede power, he used it as a moment to stash tens millions of dollars to take with him.

It was his last loot and Jammeh sure left the shores of the Gambia with at least $50 million to Equatorial Guinea.

Jammeh upon losing the election and accepting defeat knew he would have to leave. He reversed his decision and rejected the outcome of the polls.

With West African nations sure to send troops to cut out this cancer, Jammeh knew he would need to buy some more time to get as much as he could.

He had total control of all government agencies and had his hands deep into state coffers.

Jammeh did not pull his hands out of the coffers empty. He left the country’s economy shattered and the state nearly insolvent.

His last minute effort to ship of his luxury goods and cars was not as successful. He managed to cargo several vehicles worth millions.

There was a power vacuum for several days after Jammeh left. No one was in control and the presidential palace was vandalized and looted.

Some cars from the presidential compound remain missing and some weapons are unaccounted for.

Jammeh wanted to plunge the country into disarray but the strong resistance of a few senior members of the coalition, like Mai Ahmad Fatty, now the Minister of Internal Security prevented the further stealing of state resources.

Jammeh has been stealing from Gambian taxpayers since coming to power in 1994.

He amassed so much wealth he declared generations after him in his family will never be poor again.

A Commission of Inquiry has been setup by authorities to look into his assets and business dealings.

Jammeh had also tried to cover up traces of his wealth before he fled. Computers and documents were destroyed in the presidential compound.

The extent of Jammeh’s illegal empire may never be fully uncovered but the nation is determined to recover as much as they can from the loot.

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