Here is why Mai Fatty moved the Ministry of Interior

Here is why Mai Fatty moved the Ministry of Interior

Minister of Interior Mai Ahmad Fatty moved his office from the capital, Banjul to a beautiful building in its outskirts.

Fatty had been in the building less than six months before his move and said he “wonder how previous ministers worked in such an environment.”

According to Fatty, the building was too small and when there is a need to use the press conference, some of his staffers have to leave the room.

The ministry, he says, is in the middle of residences and when dignitaries and international partners come around, they can see children taking baths outside, people cooking and the aroma of food as they enter the building.

“In fact, I wonder how previous minister’s work in such an environment. The Security Ministry should give you an indication of our seriousness towards security but that was a very wrong representation,” Fatty told the Daily Observer.

Work space and a better place needed to ensure efficient work as the new government battles to restructure the civil service.

Gambia’s security is in a fragile state following months of turmoil that saw the fleeing of ex-dictator Yahya Jammeh fleeing to Equatorial Guinea.

Fatty could not, however, say how much is being paid per year for the building referring curious reporters to the vice presidency.

The new government inherited a nearly insolvent nation. Gambia’s economy is in a bad state and overclouded by unserviceable international debts and shocks.

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