Ten arrested for Senegal soccer stampede

Ten arrested for Senegal soccer stampede

Ten people, mostly soccer fans have been arrested by authorities in Senegal for a stampede that led to the deaths of at least eight people in the capital, Dakar.

Authorities have detained all ten, including the Chairman of the local football team, US Ouakam, who said all detainees were fans of his club.

The police said they are being held on charges of murder and premeditated assault after the Senegalese Football Federation accused the team of being “fully responsible” for the deaths.

The US Ouakam Chairman is also being accused of withholding information and refusing to help investigators with identifying suspects.

The team’s fans stand accused of sparking the stampede for throwing stones at their rivals triggering the stampede that caused the sidewall of the pavilion to collapse.

The Senegalese Football Federation handed down a seven-year ban on US Ouakam from all national leagues and fined CFA10 million francs ($18,000).

The league justified the punishment in finding that the Mbour fans were trapped by the falling stadium wall while trying to escape the “fury” of rival fans whose team were headed for defeat.

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