Three ambassadors presents credentials to President Adama Barrow

Three ambassadors presents credentials to President Adama Barrow

The ambassadors of three nations critical to Gambia’s post-autocratic rule have presented their letters of credence to President Adama Barrow.

The ambassadors of the UK, Turkey and Guinea-Bissau [Sharon Wadle, Ismaila Yuceer and Mails Cassama] were at the State House on Tuesday where they held talks with Barrow.

The UK is starting to take interest in The Gambia, especially with security since the end if Jammeh rule.

The regional terrorism threats have concerned the British government, which has pledged to help train the Gambian army after decades of absence.

Barrow’s coming to power saw British-Gambia relations revived and the visit of the former colonial master’s Foreign Secretary in more than three decades.

Boris Johnson has said the UK is ready to help The Gambia get a new start, improve its education system and infrastructure as well as boost tourism.

Gambia’s economy is highly dependent on tourism. It is the country’s third largest earner. The majority of the tourist in Gambia come from the UK.

Turkey continues to play a critical role in training and developing the Gambia’s security forces since the withdrawal of British and U.S. support.

Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe in talks with the Turkish Prime Minister last month reiterated the importance of Turkish support to rebuild the army.

Gambia is struggling to stabilize the army after Jammeh’s power play left it plagued with loyalists and allegations of human rights abuses.

Some of Jammeh’s loyalists evaded arrest and fled to neighboring nations like Guinea-Bissau, where they are hiding.

Gambia is seeking to extradite some of them for being part of a special paramilitary squad, the Jungulars, accused of extrajudicial executions and torture.

Gambia will need the cooperation of Guinea-Bissau to have some of the most notorious among brought to Banjul to help with investigations.

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