Barrow’s govt reviews financial agreements following graft allegations

Barrow’s govt reviews financial agreements following graft allegations

The administration of President Adama Barrow on Wednesday reviewed the financial agreements of its government has entered into and considering to pursue following allegations of corruption.

Opposition leader Mama Kandeh had accused cabinet ministers and senior government officials to using foreign aid and loan money for their personal benefit last week, sparking fury and anger.

Kandeh has been reportedly questioned by the Criminal Investigation Division of the police, according to records, which could be independently verified.

President Barrow brought the issue of international financing of his government projects and the loans that have been given to the country during the cabinet meeting, although Kandeh did not provide any evidence of his allegation.

Government and opposition supporters, mainly from Foreign Minister Ousainou Darboe’s UDP and Kandeh’s GDC engaged in a fight of rhetorics for a week, amid threats to one another.

Gambia is one of the poorest countries in mainland Africa and since Barrow’s coming to power, the EU, World Bank, and IMF have bulldozed more than $170 million (D6.89 billion dalasis) to help the country with its post-economical isolation development.

The Gambia emerged from two decades of dictatorship and political isolation. This coupled with months of political turmoil that followed Jammeh’s defeat has left the country faced with fiscal shocks that sent the economy into a nose dive.

Corruption is rife in The Gambia and Barrow’s government has dropped charges against at least 38 former officials being prosecuted by Jammeh’s regime for graft and economic crimes.

Several of them have been reinstated, following what the government calls an independent probe into the allegations against the officials. most of them senior officials.

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