Major drug dealer busted in Brikama Gidda

Drug Law Enforcement agents on Wednesday raided the stash house of a major drug dealer, Assan Badjie in the woods of Brikama Gidda after a tip-off to authorities.

Badjie led the police on a high-speed chase, slewing through homes and children who were playing on the streets.

Drug enforcement agents recovered packets of marijuana from Badjie’s home and the stash house from which they carried out their operations.

Badjie had also buried some packets of marijuana in the Gidda forest, which he led investigators to, who dug nearly four feet to have the packets pulled out from a metal safe.

“The sheer ingenuity used by this suspect is mind-boggling. He and his gang used the bunker for storage and paid regular visits to take the drug in bits and by demand. We even found the spot where they sat to wrap and parcel cannabis,” the police said.

Badjie faces at least five charges, including reckless driving, drug trafficking, possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

Police seized street-level amounts of marijuana and drug paraphernalia and did not specify how much was actually recovered.

The people in the Brikama Gidda neighborhoods where this crew operated are all a little safer tonight, said the police, who have vowed to work even harder to rid the streets of drugs.

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