Army to investigate LCpl Bojang’s reported torture

Army to investigate LCpl Bojang’s reported torture

Gambia’s army says it will launch an investigation into the alleged torture of a Lance Corporal, accused of taking part in a failed mutiny.

Agents of the State Intelligence Services interrogated LCpl Samboujang Bojang for hours during which he was tortured by the investigators.

“We are going to investigate this and ascertain what is the causes of those bruises and injuries,” said defense chief, Lt. Gen. Masanneh Kinteh.

Boajang is currently admitted at a military clinic in Fajara, where his receiving treatment for his bruises and burns to his feet. His wife, Sarjo Jarju said he is unable to walk.

Since the reporting of Bojang’s torture, access to him has been limited to barely five minutes visits by his wife, Jarju said in an interview.

The SIS has declined to comment on the allegations and repeated calls to the agency, including to its Director General are now going unanswered.

The agency, which in the ex-regime was the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) has been one of the most implicated security bureaus in human and civil rights violations.

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