Gambia teenager stabbed to death in UK

Gambia teenager stabbed to death in UK

A Gambian teenager was stabbed to death during a brawl in Manchester’s Moss Side neighborhood, in what the police described as a “large scale disturbance” near a playground.

Three other teenagers were stabbed – two boys aged 17 and an 18-year-old man – and are under armed guard in hospital.

“I am devastated by the news of your loss. My nephew, Sait Mboob’s life has been cut short. I don’t want to believe it,” said Aminata Correa, his aunt.

Sait Mboob’s killing came just a day after 11 men were sentenced for the killing of another teenager, Abdul Hafidah, 18, in the Moss Side neighborhood.

Sait is the second Gambian kid to die in the UK in just two months this year. All the deaths have been related to violent activities in the area.

Police have stepped up patrol in the area fearing reprisal for the attacks and the sentencing of the 11 men for Hafidah’s killing.

“Yes, there has been concern regarding the (Hafidah) trial. But there was no specific intelligence or concern that there were particularly raised tensions,” Spt Dave Pester told Manchester Evening News.

Similar violence has marred the area in the 90s. Residents in the area fear that the violence they thought they had escaped is returning again.

The police, however, said it is an isolated incident and that the violence that had plagued Moss Side will not be returning and assured locals of their safety.


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