Gambia’s ex-demoralized leader owns event planning and carpentry companies

Gambia’s ex-demoralized leader owns event planning and carpentry companies

It has been discovered that ex-President Yahya Jammeh owns a carpentry company and an event planning company, adding to the list of dozens of industries Jammeh did not spare.

The former autocratic ruler has had a general merchandise business, sold food commodities, involved in mining and trade of precious stones, operated bakeries, competed with poor butchers, and even had his own sound system.

Gambian authorities have launched a probe into his businesses and financial transactions and only on the Commission’s first sitting, more of Jammeh trade was uncovered.

It is already indicated that the extent of Jammeh’s mismanagement of state resources may not be fully uncovered. He had absolute power during his reign and ruled over a nation that feared his wrath.

Revelations of Jammeh’s wrongdoing no longer surprises Gambians, who only exclaim at the disgust of his greed and discontent to amass so much wealth at the expense of poor citizens.

It has been unearthed this month that Jammeh had quietly operated a mining landfill in eastern Gambia, where he made millions never to be seen by the state.

Gambian authorities have seized at least 184 properties, 95 bank accounts and 47 companies belonging to Jammeh. More are expected to be added to the list of assets frozen by the courts.

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